NORDIC LIGHTS was a bi-annual union of three emerging audiovisual festivals on a mission to explore culture synergies through experimental collaboration.

It is time to build new pan-nordic friendships and bridges!

Through an open call with 119 submissions, 12 artists were selected and paired into 6 new AV acts. Secure your ticket to one or more of the festivals to experience the results!

nonagon festival mmxxii bootleg mixtape by Egor Kaleshchuk





Selected Artists


The creative spark of life shines when new ground is broken and sight beyond ones horizon is given. In those moments we become extra-ordinary!

As culture and neighbour-humbleness pays a massive toll from two years of lockdowns, the need to bring people together is greater than ever; to inspire and to grow as artists as well as a community.

Those of us who feel most alive bathing in sound and light phenomenon believe that these experiences can highlight important questions internally as well as externally, and through this open call we invite you to join as a creator (nordic residents only) of such moments. If selected, you will be paired with another artist, and be given the support and resources required to create a new audiovisual performance at one of the three hosting festivals!


~~01.02.22 OPEN CALL opens~~

~~15.03.22 OPEN CALL ends~~

~~14.04.22 Selected artists paired~~

~~05.08.22 Monument Festival~~

~~12.08.22 Nonagon Festival~~

~~06.10.22 Aavistus Festival~~

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NORDIC LIGHTS: Exploring culture synergies through experimental collaboration - Monument - Connecting people through Techno music 🖤


NORDIC LIGHTS is a project by three new Nordic festivals with a strong focus on audiovisual art and an aim to improve the Nordic AV art scene: Aavistus in Helsinki, Nonagon in Sweden and Monument in Norway. The collaboration is facilitated by Nordic Audiovisual Artists (NAVA).



In 2020 Aavistus Festival (Merle Karp, Hannu Häkkinen, Suvi Parrilla) invited Swedish artists Jonas Johansson and Tove Nowén to perform and connect. Through communal dinners and conversations, seeds were planted for future collaborations. In 2021 Tove founded Nonagon Festival, and so there were two prominent audiovisual festivals with only the Baltic Sea between them.

Together the Finnish and Swedish teams invited Marit Launes and Monument, a renowned Norwegian electronic music festival with a desire to further focus on AV art.

Each festival and organisation comes with its own core group, who have teamed together to make this project possible. Expertise can be found in their multidisciplinary backgrounds and experience in production of art content, curation and residency activities. Their ambition is to strengthen and renew the common Nordic audiovisual field while producing quality events stretching the boundaries of audiovisual art.

NORDIC LIGHTS is supported by Nordic Culture Point and Nordic Culture Fund.

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